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Next Technologies Group, from California, USA, first brought Temperature Sensitive household products to the Asian market in 1997. It has been in Taiwan for 23 years, focusing on the application of Temperature Sensitive foam materials and striving to bring the most comfortable sleep quality for human beings.

At the same time, we established urethane s Lab global sleep quality research laboratory, which is committed to creating a series of engineering technologies to enhance sleep quality, continuously surpassing the application level of temperature sensitive foam black technology, and providing the best sleep mode for all mankind.

As the core technology research center of FLOTEMP, Urethane S Lab sleep quality research laboratory focuses on "sleep quality research project". So far, it has published more than 8 times the optimization technology of Temperature Sensitive Foam. It has become the leader of sleep quality and household appliances technology. We put the following technologies into all our products.

1.NineZone Support System
2.Temperature Sensitive
3. Maximum Density
4. Pressure Relief
5. Turbo Breathe
6. Anti-mite
7. Ice Visco
8. Long-lasting

The global international standard factory has entered Taiwan to create the best quality control for 15 years according to the most complete top technology and exclusive formula.

Temperature Sensitive bed is limited to (20/25 cm), the industry's first super long 120 nights sleep trial experience, provides customers with the most comprehensive sensory so you can wake re-energized. After purchase, full refund can be made within 120 nights, and the delivery fee can be reimbursed fully when the professional arrives at your home.

1. The appearance and structure of the mattress must be clean and intact.
2.2. 120 nights count starts from the day when the mattress is delivered, subject to the date of the receipt signed by the deliveryman.
3. 3. Someone asked if the plastic bag could be removed. Of course, you have to remove it to sleep comfortably!
4. 4. Currently, the 120 night sleep test plan is not suitable for area off the Taiwan Island and foreign countries.

1. 120 nights free trial In order to provide customers with trial products for a longer time, we have extended the original 7 days by 17 times, so that customers can fully experience Flotemp,

2. Free delivery - free delivery and retrieval
In response to the 10th anniversary celebration, we give back to all our customers in Taiwan with delivery free service, as well as the considerate service of moving up the floor and moving the old bed downstairs.

3. The longest 15 year warranty in the industry
Our unique Temperature Sensitive foam is made of high-density material, which is twice as solid as common Memory Foam and latex foam. Its structural weight will be increased by 40-50%, providing long-term guarantee.

4. Praised by millions of customers
Since 1997, we have served more than one million customers around the world, established a kingdom of sleep quality, and has a strong reputation.

5. Authorized factories in Taiwan:
The global international standard factory is set up in Taiwan. Its products have passed the fall test in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and many SGS and original international standards.

6. showroom
We set up showrooms in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, so that customers can experience it in person. There will be showrooms in Taoyuan and Hsinchu in the future.

7. Professional scientific research
From Urethane S Lab global sleep quality research laboratory, we are committed to create a series of engineering technologies to enhance sleep quality, continuously surpassing the application layer of Temperature Sensitive foam black technology, and providing the best sleep mode for all mankind.

We have created three experience spaces to provide all customers with in-store experience and best experience of our bed-making engineering technology.

STUDIO / SHOWROOM store / experience space

Taipei Store | No. 47, Section 1, Ren'ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City | Tel: 02-2356-0422

TTaichung Store | 1st Floor, No. 66 Nanjing Road, East District, Taichung City (Hall 2 of Xiutai Station Store) | Tel: 04-2215-4412

Kaohsiung Store | 9th Floor, No. 123, Gaotie Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Zuoying Store) | Tel: 07-3500-582

Frequently Asked Questions-Products

The Temperature Sensitive Foam was invented by the US Space Agency 22 years ago, now the Floating Hotbed has further improved the original formula into a breathable and comfortable formula, which is suitable for Taiwan. The name FloTemp comes from FLOW and TEMPERATURE, combining the first 3 letters. FloTemp means circulation and temperature, breathable and comfortable. Memory Foams on the market now cannot achieve such a high support force as the Temperature Sensitive Foam (Note: the temperature-sensitive Foam is 1.7 times higher than the Memory Foam), and it is breathable, while the Memory Foam can only be breathed by making holes on it. In fact, it is not enough, so it can only be called a Memory Foam.

The latex bed can't ventilate because of the liquid from the oak tree. Sleeping will be suffocating even when you make holes on it, the heat will not be dispersed from the hole. The structure of Flotemp Temperature Sensitive Bed is a combination of millions of open-cell foam combination (cell map), like tiny hole, it will feel cool to sleep and not suffocating, but making holes on it will reduce the pressure relief of the mattress. Only materials that can't breathe will need holes. Never buy a mattress or pillow with holes on it.
Flotemp, California, USA, set up a factory in Asia, click "Taiwan". We can make a special sized one for you, as long as it is not thicker than 210 cm, it can be customized. We all produce 4 sizes in large quantities, and we are downgrade the ready-made size into a smaller one, which is the size you need. Please understand that we can't upgrade it to a bigger size. Therefore, it is calculated by adding the price of the existing relatively large mattress plus the modification fee, it's about $3900~$6900, according to the actual size. Delivery time: about 2 to 3 weeks. Please contact our customer service email: hi@flotemp.com
Any kind of bed frame is suitable, if you need to purchase, please refer to the Flotemp bed frame, thank you.
We are about 50% firmer than Memory Foam mattresses.
There will be no smell in about a week after production. Flotemp mattresses have SGS non-toxic certificate. Commonly, there will be no smell after you receive the mattress.

Taipei Store | No. 47, Section 1, Ren'ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City | Tel: 02-2356-0422

Taichung Store | 1st Floor, No. 66 Nanjing Road, East District, Taichung City (Hall 2 of Xiutai Station Store) | Tel: 04-2215-4412

Kaohsiung Store | 9th Floor, No. 123, Gaotie Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Zuoying Store) | Tel: 07-3500-582


• Credit Card (Enjoy 6 periods of zero rate)
• ATM bank transfer
• Counter transfer

24 banks started running with zero rate in a limited time installment!
Cathay United Bank, Fubon Bank, Yushan Bank, Far East Bank, Taishin Bank, Commonwealth Bank, China Banking Corporation, DBS Bank, HSBC Bank, First Bank, KGI Bank, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Shanghai, Standard Chartered Bank , Changhua Bank, Taiwan Enterprise Bank, Land Bank, South China Bank, Taichung Bank, Shin Kong Commercial Bank, Sanxin Commercial Bank, Antai Bank, Risheng Bank, Taiwan Rakuten

Remittance account
Account Name: Tempo Technology Co., Ltd.
Account number: 460-102-033-648
Bank: Taipei Fubon Xinyi Branch
Bank code: 012-4601

1. 1. Free for Taiwan Island , remote areas excluded.
Free delivery, free return fee, free moving up fee, free moving the old bed fee

2. 2. Please ask through facebook first for areas off the island and overseas for the delivery price!

Frequently Asked Questions - Delivery Service and Warranty

Generally after receiving the order
Temperature Sensitive bed (mattress): 4-6 weeks
Toppers: 2-4 weeks
After the mattress is made, we will contact you first and arrange the delivery date. We will do it for you as soon as possible.

We will give you customer service or email, arrange the delivery date for you. Customer service email hi@flotemp.com.

Yes! Free delivery to home, free moving up fee.

No problem, professionals will help you move it for free!
(You must tell us first if you need this service, please tell your needs when settling the bill!)

1. We can help moving the old mattress downstairs, but you must contact the cleaning team first about the location and time.
2. The location is only limited to area around the house's door
2. Old mattress and new mattress must be of the same size and amount.

15 cm mattress is guaranteed for 5 years. Mattresses over 20cm are guaranteed for 15 years.

Mattress return policy and sleep posture development:

a: Mattress

We know that you will love Flotemp mattress after getting a plenty feel of it, when purchasing any FloTemp's series of mattresses, we will guarantee and provide 120 nights experience service. If there is any waist pain or backache because you are not used to sleep on it, you may have to understand sleep posture development first:

People’s sleep posture development: Any hard mattress will force you to lie on your back every night because there is no way you can sleep on your side! In fact, cheap spring bed, pocket-spring, and latex bed force you to make do with the wrong sleep posture, you can't sleep on your side or in all directions.

Have you ever been kidnapped by cheap spring, latex, pocket-spring bed?

We found that you can only sleep on your side with Flotemp Temperature Sensitive bed, it is not possible to side sleep on mattresses of other materials for more than 2 minutes. If this is your first time getting in touch with Flotemp, congratulations, you have found the right path. If you have been forced to lie on your back every night, your S-shaped spine may have changed, and you will subconsciously not sleep on your side every night. Perhaps your sleep posture is wrong, you will need to sleep a lot on your side with Flotemp all sides sleep posture to slowly correct your sleep posture on all sides. We suggest you to at least try sleeping on it for 30-60 days.

If you are still not satisfied with your current mattress, please contact 0800202686, maybe you bought the wrong model for your weight, we will suggest you a mattress of different hardness after understanding the matter. Because there are 9 levels of hardness for the mattress, we can absolutely satisfy you. If it is not because the mattress is bad, and it is because of your own personal reason, you can contact our professionals in 120 nights after receiving the mattress, and we will give a full refund and send professionals to retrieve the mattress and additional gifts from your home. If you have unsealed the additional gift, then because of personal hygiene and severe epidemic situation, it may not be returned, so please just continue using it, we will deduct the amount of those additional gifts from the total amount and refund the rest to you. If you are using the 6 months installment, then please wait some more, because you may not have paid the total sum and we will need to handle it in a special way. Because new mattresses have a period of getting worn out, we need you to try the mattress at least for 30-60 days since you receive it, this will gve your current sleep posture enough time to adapt with the new mattress’ support.

The trial start date counts from the logsistcs driver's receipt. At present, 120 nights experience service is only available in Taiwan.

**If you want to return the mattress, please keep the product clean and the appearance intact, also, keep the outer packaging.

**If the product has dirt, wear and tear, or accessories missing, we will accept it even during the 120 night sleep test period

Returning goods: (if there are additional gifts, we don't offer them for trial. Because of personal hygiene problems and severe epidemic situation, they can't be returned after unpacking. Please keep them for your own use. We will deduct the amount of gifts and refund the remaining amount.

**Special size custom-made mattress are not included for return

**Only one mattress can be returned from the same orderer with same address.

b: Non-beds

[Shipping Instructions]
We will send you the goods as soon as possible after the payment confirmation.

(Note) delivery address may not be a post-office box. If there is a mistake in terms of transaction, shortage of goods, wrong price, or other circumstances in which our company is unable to accept your order, our company reserves the right to ship the goods or not. Before confirming the order, we have the right to cancel both the delivery and transaction. At the same time, we will also contact you. We will try our best to protect your rights and interests, thank you. The deliveryman will contact you by phone, please pay attention to the call.

[Instruction for Return]
After receiving the goods, please confirm whether they are correct or not. 7 days after receiving the goods (including holidays) is the period for hesitating about return and exchange.
Please contact the customer service before returning the goods, do not send any goods back directly.
When we have confirmed your return demand, we will bear the delivery fee. If the product is not defective, you must pay all the related expenses (round trip delivery and handling fees, etc.). If a large number of non defective returns have caused operational difficulties, we will decline the transaction or permanently cancel the membership of related member, and we will reserve the right to deliver or not in the future.

The goods you want to return must be brand new , and with complete accessories, internal and external packaging, accessories, additional gifts, warranty, original packaging, and all attached documents or data must be maintained. . Do not lose any accessories or damage (label cutting, water washing and irremovable dirt or traces) the original goods and packaging. If all contents in this order package are not properly packed, completely returned, may not be returned, you will need to pay delivery fee to complete the return.

Some goods are vacuum packed, once unsealed they will expand and cannot be restored to original state. Please confirm before unsealing because unless the goods are defective, return are not accepted.

Please pack the returned goods in the original box/bag for delivery. If the original box/bag is lost, please use another box to mold the goods outside the original packaging. Do not stick paper or write on the original packaging.

When you handle the return, it means that you agree to our return principles and accept our handling of invoice invalidation and related follow-up matters.

[ Refund Instructions ]
If you used credit card for the payment, after the returned goods are retrieved and our professionals confirmed that the quantity of the goods is correct, it will be refunded through online means to your credit card.

The actual entry date of refund received varies according to the entry date of each issuing bank, please contact the issuing bank to confirm the actual entry date.

If you use other payment methods, you must provide the correct remittance account number to complete the refund procedure (refund transfer fee shall be deducted for non defective refund).

We will return the money to your account within 10 days after confirming that it meets our refund standard with correct information.

If the discount is invalid due to the return of goods (e.g. 50% discount for the second part of the same goods), the goods kept will be back to original price after the return of some goods.

[ Cases of Unable to Return Goods ]
We are unable to return the goods after the 7 days hesitation period. If any goods in the order to be returned are not new products (e.g. label cut, washed, irremovable unclean marks or traces), they cannot be returned if they are not accepted beyond the appreciation period of seven days.

If the returned goods are different from the order, if all the goods (including gifts, invoices and packaging) in the order are not sent back and properly packed, it will affect your return rights and interest.

Cases of Unable to Get Refund
If the remittance account number is filled in incorrectly, no refund will be processed.

Within 10 working days after submitting the return application form, if you cannot be contacted due to problems in filling in the information, your application will be cancelled.

When we have arranged to pick up the goods, but the deliveryman can't retrieve the goods successfully after three visits, your application will be cancelled, please understand.

Once again, we remind you that according to the consumer protection law, consumers may enjoy the right of 7-day hesitation period (the first day after receiving the goods). Hesitation period is not trial period. Only when the goods are brand new and in complete packaging, then it can be returned and refunded. If the goods are not new (such as label cut, washed, irremovable unclean marks or traces), no refunds will be processed.

We usually donate it for people in need.

Newly bought leather shoes should be used for days until you get used to it, same with mattress, believe us.

Both mattress and tire industry use the same method of deducting years that have been used, and the product claims for the years that have not been used. For example, if the Temperature Sensitive Foam flattened for more than 3 cm in the first 5 years of the thick cushion, you can claim a new mattress. If there are more after five years to 15 years, the used year will be paid in proportion to the original order price, plus the delivery fee to give you a brand new mattress.

The company has been in business for 22 years, and no clients who settled claims came in to appeal. Because the Temperature Sensitive Foam is 85 kilograms per cubic meter of high-density foam, it is difficult for it to get flat. Please use it at ease.

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