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A dream that made the art of the first century
Create a world-leading perfect craft

Are you looking forward to it?
At night, it's like a peaceful balance.
This will make you obsessed with the intoxicating quality of sleep.

I respect you a comfortable night

Founder of NEXT TECHNOLOGIES, California, USA-Jack Hwong

Originated from NASA FLOTEMP®
Moved by re-evolution

FLOTEMP® Originated from the United States National Space Agency (NASA), in the 1970s, it developed a shock-absorbing, compression-resistant and cushion-relief material that protects astronauts when they lift off. This unique material can fit the body point with changes in body temperature The linear surface, the curved support surface of the whole area, effectively and evenly disperses and absorbs the potential pressure of the body function. In the 1980s, NASA disclosed this confidential material to the public. At that time, in order to alleviate and support the huge pressure that astronauts endured during lift-off, a special material was developed; this material is composed of pressure-relieving open cells (Open-Cell) and passed through the US Headquarters Sleep Quality Research Laboratory (Flotemp SQLab) The scientific research team of the company continues to carry out research projects to improve the comprehensive functional application areas, and customize mattresses, pillows and functional auxiliary accessories for the needs of each age, country, climate, and ethnic group.

The plan that got your wish
Expensive development project "SSBF+B Project"

NEXT TECHNOLOGIES, California, USA passed the largest development project in history, mainly for NASA's slow spring back foam (Slow Spring Back Foam) technology, carried out the "SSBF+B full-efficiency evolution project". In 8,030 days, it successfully developed the " "Flo circulation + Temp temperature" is the main core requirement, imitating the concept of human skin that is very similar, successfully creating seven exclusive engineering technologies, and using® In 2012, California launched the market in 2012, which caused a sensation in the European and American markets.

Humans try to improve sleep quality that is as perfect as possible. This is good. But there is no perfect bed product. Nowhere in the world.
People are eager to get almost perfect sleep quality, which is a good thing. But there is no perfect bed in this world that can meet such demands.

An art to create a perfect craft that is unique in the world

FLOTEMP inspired in Haute Couture.
FLOTEMP is Second Skin.
Flo=flow Temp=temperature

FLOTEMP® AI pressure relief cotton
A temperature-sensitive cotton equipped with 7 innovative technologies

The scientific team of the US Headquarters Sleep Quality Research Laboratory (SQLab, Flotemp) believes that the sultry heat of traditional slow rebound foam is a great fatal injury. Prolonged contact will be greatly affected by "sultry" and "impermeable". May affect sleep quality. And then comprehensively correct the breathability sensitivity. And strengthen the three functions of density load (Maximum Support), super temperature S remodeling (Slow Rebound), acid-free compensation pressure (Pressure Relief), and follow-up to launch super cool ice crystals (Ice Visco), super anti-mite Anti-mite, which optimizes the quality of sleep.

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