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If I have a factory in Taiwan, I can make a special size for you. As long as it is not thicker than 210 cm, it can be customized. We all produce 4 sizes in large quantities. We have modified the ready-made size to be a little smaller. Therefore, your calculation method is to add the price of the ready-made thicker cushion plus the modification cost, approximately$ 3900~$ 6900 depends on the size. The delivery time is about 2~3 weeks. For this kind of order, please write to hi@flotemp.com and our customer service department will process it immediately.

It doesn't feel hard, but it feels particularly comfortable because the biggest difference between a mattress and an independent bucket is that it will naturally sag to form a support surface for your body, it will not rebound to your body, and it has solid support. The waist will not hang in the air. The whole body will have a perfect support surface.

Each mattress with a thickness of more than 20 cm in the Fule Tim Hotbed has a 15-year warranty. It is cheaper to use for a long time. The average is only 3 yuan a day. In the long run, it is much cheaper than a box spring.

Free delivery to your home (except Penghu and Jinma Outer Islands).

The memory beds on the market are all airtight and sultry. The weather in Taiwan is hot and humid. Any memory bed is airtight if it is not breathable. Only Fuletian emphasizes breathability and is the only good brand on the market that emphasizes its importance.

When we sleep on the side, we usually have to turn over to change our sleeping posture due to the force of the shoulders being pressed and rebounded. The rebound force of a box-spring bed returns to the shoulders, which can reduce the number of turns over by 70% every night. So it's easy to get up to dawn. Only when I get up in the morning can I be full of energy. Welcome the new day.

Yes, no matter how you change your sleeping position, our side sleeping pillows will definitely provide you with the best support.

Flotemp uses materials with a density of up to 85 kilograms per square meter, and even the edge support is excellent, which is different from other brands.

Of course, people with heavier weight need a strong mattress like ours. Not only will the mattress be constantly shaped naturally, but it will not rebound and cause soreness. It is comfortable to sleep regardless of the body turning over. One of the advantages of Le Tian.

Our mattresses are actually quite solid enough for normal people and do not require special customization. The thicker the mattress, the more comfortable it is, it has nothing to do with softness.

Fuletian foam material is a real open cell material. Heat will not be trapped in the foam, so it will not be stuffy.

Absolutely. We recommend that you order our thickest mattress.

There is no weight limit.

Our side pillow can solve this problem. Many customers have written to us to express their gratitude to us for helping them solve this problem.

We recommend not to put our thin pads on soft mattresses. Will you build a new house on a loose foundation? It is best to order a new FloTemp mattress and throw away your current soft mattress.

Do not put a bad mattress underneath, because you are afraid that the old mattress may sag. If you are sure that there is no problem with the old mattress, buy a thin mattress and put it on top.

The thin cushions we design are generally because the guest still wants to keep his box-spring bed. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a 7 cm thin cushion and put it on your current thick cushion for the most comfortable sleep.

Our side/back pillows are your best choice, because most people sleep in two directions.

Flotemp's 5D pillow is suitable for sleeping in 5 directions. Including side sleeping.

Yes, but keep your receipt and keep the product itself neat and complete.

The most important thing to buy a pillow is to adapt to your sleep, not to match your mattress.

Our pillow will not have this problem.

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