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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Flotemp & Hugmlife is operated by Temp Technology Co., Ltd. and owns the copyright. This website respects the privacy rights of the log-in data holders and members, complies with the personal data protection law, and formulates privacy protection policies.

1. Security of Personal Information

FloTemp & HugmLife will never provide the personal content of the log-in person and member to any third party who has nothing to do with the service of this shopping site without the consent of the person who logs in the data and the member. If you have a FloTemp &HugmLife user name and password, please keep and keep your own network password and personal information properly, and do not provide any personal information, especially the network password, to anyone. After using the various service functions provided by the FloTemp & HugmLife website, you must log out of your account. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, you must close the browser window.

2. Use of personal information

The personal information obtained by FloTemp &HugmLife related websites is only for the internal and stated purpose and scope of use of the FloTemp &HugmLife website operating company. Unless publicly notified in advance or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the information will not be provided to third parties or transferred. Used for other purposes. Examples of the purpose of use are as follows:

(1) When using various services provided by Hagen Life as a member, the member information is automatically displayed on the page.

(2) Transaction behavior

When making reservations, purchases, participation and other transactions for products or marketing activities, regarding product delivery, labor service provision, price payment, response to customer inquiries, etc., FloTemp & HugmLife's inquiries to log-in information and members, related after-sales service and Business necessary for the exchange.

(3) Advertising or marketing

FloTemp & HugmLife provides marketing services such as electronic transmission and physical communication. The purchase record and browsing record of the log-in data person and the member will be used as the basis for operating the company's services, marketing analysis, development, service or improvement.

(4) Question answer

Individually or publicly respond to inquiries from FloTemp & HugmLife through electronic transmission or physical communication or other direct and indirect contact methods from registered information users and members.

(5) Information provision by service providers

When the person who logs in the data and the member makes an appointment, bids, purchases, participates in bonus activities, or applies for other transactions for the goods or services of the service provider, FloTemp & HugmLife may, within the necessary scope of the exchange, transfer the information of the person who logs in and the member The personal data file is provided to the service provider, and the service provider is responsible for managing the personal data file. Hagen Life will give service providers the obligation to process personal data in accordance with the principle of protecting the privacy of members, but there is no guarantee that service providers will inevitably comply. For details, please contact the respective service provider.

(6) Other

a. When providing individual services, it is also possible to use personal data for purposes other than those specified above. The gist will be stated on the webpage of the individual service.

b. If there is a dispute in the transaction, which affects the company's reputation and business interests, the company reserves the right to disclose the personal information of users.

c. Judicial units require specific user information, and the company must cooperate with judicial procedures to provide retained information.

3. Modification of personal information

Users can modify personal information such as login account, password, and contact information at any time. However, transaction records and payment information are not within this scope.

4. User data security

(1) FloTemp & HugmLife stores user data in a safe storage space, and is committed to protecting its safety and privacy with reasonable technology and procedures.

(2) Users should keep account numbers and passwords properly, and do not provide them to others. If the user's consumer rights are damaged due to the transaction when logging in repeatedly, the company will not be responsible for the damage caused by the user's own disclosure of the account password.

5. Right to amend this clause

In response to network development, relevant laws and regulations or other changes in the environment, FloTemp & HugmLife reserves the right to modify these terms as appropriate, and all modified content will be published on this website in clear text.

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