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  • Standard: 50 X 70 cm (King extended version)
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A motive makes excellent art

Humans try to improve sleep quality that is as perfect as possible. This is good. But there is no perfect bed product. Nowhere in the world.


It's a good thing that people crave nearly perfect sleep quality. But there is no perfect bed in this world that can meet this demand.

Jack Hwong, CEO of NEXT TECHNOLOGIES Company, California, USA“





 Originally from NASA
We are moved by the re-evolution

 FLOTEMP, America, originates from NASA. In the 1970s, it developed a pressure relief material for shock absorption, compression resistance and cushioning support to protect the body from injury, unique material can match the body's temperature. The whole curve support surface can effectively disperse and absorb the potential pressure of the body function. In the 80s, NASA released this confidential material to the public.
At that time, it's a special material developed to slow down and support the enormous pressure on the astronauts when they were going to space. FLOTEMP improved this material further to the current open cell and the U.S. headquarters Sleep Quality Research Institute (urethane s The scientific research team of laboratory continued to carry out research projects to improve the comprehensive functions, and designs mattresses, pillows, and functional parts for each age, country, climate and ethnic group's necessities.




Open your dreams Large sum development plan "SRF + B Plan"

Next Technologies Corp. of California, USA, carried out the "SRF + B full effect temperature sensing engineering" research project in Urethane S Laboratory of American Sleep Quality Research Institute through the largest development project in history. In 8.030 days, we successfully developed the concept of "Flo (flow)+ Temp (temperature)" as the main core demand, simulated the very similar concept of human skin, and successfully created eight exclusive engineering technologies. We entered the market in 2010 with the name of "FLOTEMP®", which then received great praise from the majority of consumers and caused a sensation in the market.


FLOTEMP® AI pressure relief Temperature Sensitive Foam Temperature Sensitive Foam with 8 innovative technologies

The scientific team of URETHANE S LAB in the U.S. headquarters thinks that the heat tightness of traditional slow rebound foam is a fatal thing. Long time exposure will be greatly affected by "suffocation" and "air tightness", which is more likely to affect sleep quality. Then, the Breathability sensitivity is modified comprehensively. We enhanced the three functions of Maximum Support, Slow Rebound and Pressure Relief, and then launched Ice Visco, Anti-mite Foam, for different environment and climate to comprehensively optimize sleep quality.

FLOTEMP® is a Temperature Sensitive Foam with 8 innovative technologies

The unique AI pressure relief Temperature Sensitive material can effectively absorb pressure, greatly improve sleep stability and body shape molding so it will not interrupt self-repair process during sleep. Our AI pressure relief Temperature Sensitive technology is applied in 5 Temperature Sensitive bed series, 7 Temperature Sensitive pillow series, 2 topper series, etc., to find the most suitable mattresses for customers and optimize the sleep quality with advanced custom concept. At the same time, FLOTEMP® Temperature Sensitive materials are only manufactured in FLOTEMP® Factory with its unique global technology and secret formula, to ensure that our top quality products bring you top quality sleep.


The weight of human body varies from head to foot. But why do all mattresses have the same support? Based on the Nine Comfort design concept, we use three support points in different areas to bring different support hardness to different body types and different weights. Currently, there are nine types of hardness, which provide the balanced strength of the three areas in all aspects, and re-evolve the stability on top of luxury, to wake up and regenerate energy at once.


Why we are different:
Quality mattress must be able to mold the body without no gaps. We use the functional characteristics of patented Temperature Sensitive foam to automatically shape the strong support surface needed by all body weights. In comparison with the traditional pocket-spring bed and latex bed, we have patented Temperature Sensitive technology, which makes the body temperature soften naturally. It can effectively shape and mold the "S" shaped spine and body, so that shoulders, back, and waist can be fully relieved. Also, it can give every part of the body that has neither too much nor too little accurate supports.




Flotemp's exclusive high support Temperature Sensitive foam will definitely have a high density of 85kg per cubic meter; to achieve unprecedented high support density and durability. Its life span can reach up to 15 years. At the same time, Flotemp's Temperature Sensitive Foam is has 1.7 times higher support force than common latex or Memory Foam in the market. It strongly helps the high-pressure support required by various body types, to bid farewell to accumulated long-term pain due to insufficient support. Generally, latex or Memory Foam will begin to flatten after 6-10 months, which means that the structure of these materials is quite loose. There is not enough density, affecting the durability and long sleep. Unable to show the best healthy sleep posture like Flotemp.


Why we are different:
The poor quality of 8 hours sleep a day is mainly due to the body deformation after using bad mattress, which results in a bad sleep posture. The body gets pressure of long-term bad posture, leading to backache. We have the characteristic of molding the whole body without gaps, evenly dispersing the pressure at all points of the sleep posture, and improving the sleep quality. Even when sleeping on the side for a long time, the pressure will not be concentrated on the shoulder, and there will be no backache. We have a high degree of pressure relief comfort, so that the body will not have rebound that oppresses the body, and we reduce times of turning by 75%. Getting up at night will not affect the person by your side.

Why we are different:
Through the SGS air Breathability test, the unique high air Breathability material is the open cell structure, rather than making holes in the foam. Flotemp is a great leap forward in basic technology. It is not only a leader in traditional latex and common Memory Foam, but also a global breakthrough in Temperature Sensitive foam technology. The unique Temperature Sensitive foam is composed of millions of foam holes, which has the characteristics of high Breathability and non-suffocating sleep. Most of latex and pocket-spring mattress are airtight, so they all have holes, but those holes are not enough. Our unique Temperature Sensitive foam is made up of millions of foam cells. You don't need to make a hole on it to give you a cool and comfortable sleep.




Our Temperature Sensitive Foam is the authority of global anti mite technology. Through SGS non-toxic test, Department of Microbiology, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of Sao Paulo and INTERTEK anti poison and antibacterial test, it is proved that Flotemp is an anti-mite material. We design it in foam unlike 90% brands on the market that only designs in bed bags or pillow case, which will lose its effect after several washes. We provide the safest environmental standard with all-round antibacterial and low sensitivity from inside to outside.

Why we are different:
Under the high temperature environment, this unique microcellular ice visco will dissolve as soon as it gets in touch with the human body temperature and automatically absorbs the temperature. At the same time, it can reduce the body's heat comprehensively through the breathability function. As soon as it lost the contact with the human body, the ice visco will immediately regenerate, effectively reducing 2 degrees in an instant, making the body comfortable and allowing us to sleep at ease.



Why we are different:
Flotemp global international standard factory is set up in Taiwan. Its product performance has passed the mite control test in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and many SGS and original international standard specifications. Its brand's unique foam density determines its life span. Our unique Temperature Sensitive foam is made of high-density material, which is 1.7 times stronger than common Memory Foam and latex foam, and the structural weight will be increased by 40-50% too. Most of the Memory Foam pillow shrinks and loses its support easily because of low density, causing neck and back pain


An art, creating a unique global craft

Are you looking forward to it?
At night, like a silent balance
This will make you infatuated with the intoxicating quality of sleep

Cheers to a comfortable night.
Founder of flotemp, California, USA
- Jack Hwong.

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